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What is the difference between Base, Black and Epic memberships?
What is the difference between Base, Black and Epic memberships?
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The big difference is the price of the memberships, which also contributes to the fact that, for example, there is a lower compensation per visit on Base compared to Epic. We always look at our partners' own membership prices and adjust the membership level each partner is available at accordingly.

For example, if a partner has an own membership price of 600kr/month, the partner fits better on our Base membership, compared to a partner with an own membership price of 1500kr/month that fits better on our Epic membership.

Base - In general, the gym, swimming, martial arts, dance and outdoor training are offered here. There are also some climbing facilities, yoga studios and more available.

Black - The largest membership offering mainly CrossFit, HIIT, Yoga, Meditation, Climbing and Martial Arts. Black members can also train with Base partners.

Epic - Only available in Stockholm at the moment.

A membership for those who train the most. It brings together Boutique studios, Barre, SPA, Pilates, water activities and some HIIT, Martial Arts and other categories. Epic members can train at all affiliated Bruce partners.

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